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The following research document titles are links to their research.

Inventory of Scientific Findings
Click on the link above to access the document entitled: ‘Substance Abuse Questionnaire (SAQ): An Inventory of Scientific Findings.’ This document details SAQ development, validation and standardization research. Test research is presented chronologically from the beginning (early research) to the most recent or present.

Annual Summary Report
The link above provides access to an SAQ Annual Summary Report. SAQ test users are offered an annual summary report of their SAQ test data at no additional cost. Many agencies that utilize the SAQ for client/offender evaluation incorporate these informative annual reports into their yearly assessment program summary.

SAQ Standardization Study
To access this SAQ study, click on the link above. The participants in this study were a sample of adult counseling clients that were administered the SAQ as a part of their counseling program’s intake procedure. Ongoing research and regular re-standardization ensures that the SAQ remains a highly accurate substance abuse assessment instrument or test.

Substance Abuse Questionnaire Scientific Findings
Inventory of Scientific Findings Annual Summary Report SAQ Standardization Study

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